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Biodiversity threatened

Defenders of Wildlife Attempt To Save Biodiversity

Biodiversity measures the variety of animals, plants and other organisms in different ecosystems. Also known as genetic variation, ecosystem variation or species variation within an area, biome or planet; biodiversity is of utmost importance to nonprofit org Defenders of Wildlife. Founded in 1947, Defenders’ believe that the protection of diversity in wildlife habitats is tantamount...

Image of Solar Power Panels

Demand Response: California’s Clean-Energy Potential 

California is one of the leading states when it comes to clean-energy potential, with significant statewide efforts to reduce energy use. Recently, the state passed S.B. 1414, which, according to an article published by the Environmental Defense Fund, “will help accelerate the use of demand response”. “Demand response” is an incentive that pays people to...

jerry brown

California Lawmakers Start Conversation on Climate Change

California lawmakers are finally waking up to the seriousness of the environmental issues that have been plaguing this state for years. The introduction of various bills on February 10 will get the conversation going among environmental advocates, state lawmakers, and oil companies. A conversation is not necessarily an indication of change, but this is the...