Peter Getty Bio

Peter GettyPeter Getty is a philanthropist and contributing blogger for the Huffington Post.  His work and writings revolve around environmental issues.  Getty’s philanthropic initiatives, as well as the organizations he supports, are committed to protecting  the environment and spreading environmental awareness.  Some of these organizations include the World Wildlife Fund, Environmental Defense Fund, Global Green, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, and Friends of the River.

The passion for protecting the planet has been a lifelong dedication.  Growing up, Peter Getty’s family went camping and rafting around the United States.  He remembers fondly trips to the Muir Woods, Point Reyes, the Sierras, Idaho’s Salmon River, the Truckee River, among other locales.  It was during these family trips that Peter developed his strong connection to nature.  He remembers thinking about the environment in elementary school, asking about the Grizzly bear on the California state flag.  The teacher informed him that the animal had been driven from California long ago.

As an adult, Getty still enjoys nature on a regular basis.  He takes long trips to the Tuolumne, the Rogue, Smith, and Colorado Rivers.  Preserving nature while enjoying it, leaving the smallest possible footprint has become a great source of joy in his life.  Beyond that, he recognizes the importance of heeding the advice and warnings of research scientists.  When it comes to the planet, there is no time for wishful thinking.  Climate change, depletion of natural habitats, species extinction, and pollution are all top priorities for the world.

In addition to his philanthropy, Peter Getty is a musician, producer, and writer of stage and screen.  He was born in NYC, moving to San Francisco at 3.  He majored in English and American Literature at Harvard University, and took a formative job as a copy editor at Grove Press.  Much of his young adult life was spent writing, particularly plays, for which he won several awards.  Having played the piano at the age of two, Peter started focusing on music next.  Among other bands, he served as the frontman and primary songwriter of Virgin-Whore Complex under the stage name Spats Ransom.  The indie-pop trio released two well-received albums.  Peter later founded boutique record label Emperor Norton, mainly focused on electronica, hip-hop and dance music.  These days, under the auspices of Peter Getty Productions, Getty writes and produces for film and television.