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What Is Philanthropy?

Trailer: What Is Philanthropy?

In this age of technology, Flipboard, and social media, there is information all the time — frenetic, constant information. Among all the hashtags and trending phrases, philanthropy is one of them. But what is philanthropy? In this trailer for the documentary What Is Philanthropy, the org by the same name hopes to proliferate a “holistic”...

Waste No Food

Waste No Food Mobile Philanthropy App

An online marketplace that connects people to philanthropy? Yes, there’s an app for that. Waste No Food, a California-based nonprofit has a mobile app that bridges people who want to donate food with the people who need it. When seventh grader Kiran Sridhar discovered that the United States could feed the world’s hungry six times over,...

The Earth's Lawyer

Meet Earth’s Legal Team: Earth Justice

“Because the earth needs a lawyer”, the tagline of the United States nonprofit EarthJustice, was recognized as one of the best taglines out of 1,702 entries in 2010. But the organization is more than just a clever slogan. Earthjustice has also been named one of America’s 100 best charities by Worth magazine and has made...

Biodiversity threatened

Defenders of Wildlife Attempt To Save Biodiversity

Biodiversity measures the variety of animals, plants and other organisms in different ecosystems. Also known as genetic variation, ecosystem variation or species variation within an area, biome or planet; biodiversity is of utmost importance to nonprofit org Defenders of Wildlife. Founded in 1947, Defenders’ believe that the protection of diversity in wildlife habitats is tantamount...

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